Achievements are special awards or notifications that can be unlocked by completing certain objectives or performing certain tasks. They have no real effect on gameplay, but are fun to obtain.

List of AchievementsEdit

There are 36 achievements total.

Name Description
Beam Spam Defeat 10 Shockbots with Snerlin's Magic Beam in a session
Be Mine Explode 10 total Shockbots with Chucky's Grendmine
Bicentennial Reach Level 50 with any Character
Boom, Baby! Explode 10 total Minions with Toolbot's Boom Glove
Challenger Reach Level 10 with any Character
Deadly Plague Infect 10 Minions with Doc's Flu Cannon in a session
Death from Above Defeat 10 Minions with Sarge's Airstrike in a session
Demoted As a Shockbot, defeat 50 Minion players
Disgraceful Destroy a Shinobot in Smack Ops
Distinct Purchase all of the game's Uniques
Earthshattering Defeat 10 Shockbots with Clod's Debris Toss in a session
Family Reunion Summon five Minion Summons in a session
Feeding Frenzy Swallow 10 Shockbots as Chomper
Flying Minion Uppercut 10 Minions with Mac
Giant Slayer Destroy a Shockolossus in Smack Ops
Helping Hand Revive a downed teammate
High Fever Destroy a Discobot in Smack Ops
Instant Minion Summon a Minion Summon
Kamikaze Explode 10 Minions with Footbot's Exploding Bots
Like a Boss Play as either King Grex or Bronzhilda in Leader Mode
Lockjaw Snare 10 Minions with Zoom's Jawtraps
Maximum Overdrive Completely upgrade all Characters
Minion Brigade Reach Level 25 with all 6 Minion Classes
Minion Easy Win Smack Ops on Easy
Minion Hard Win Smack Ops on Hard
Minion Mighty Win Smack Ops on Mighty
No Teleporting Zone Destroy a Teleporter
Paint Job Purchase a Character's entire set of Variants
Rapid-Fire Defeat 10 Shockbots as the Gatling Cannot
Shockbot Troops Reach Level 25 with all 6 Shockbot Classes
Short Circuit As a Minion, defeat 50 Shockbot players
Skittish Invasion Shoot 10 Shockbots with Springear's UFLS
Unsmart Shopper Purchase everything in the Game Shop
Viva la Resistance! Take down a Leader in Leader Mode
Vorpal Sword Destroy a Robowocky in Smack Ops
Wardrobe Purchase all of the game's Hats