Aqua Doc is a variant of the Doc in Minion Warfare. It adds watery effects to Doc's arsenal. It is unlocked from the Game Shop for 800 Power Orbs.

Difference in AppearanceEdit

Aqua Doc now wears a white wetsuit and cyan flippers on his feet. He carries an oxygen tank on his back.

Special EffectsEdit

Aqua Doc's Acid Gun attack now fires harpoons instead of balls of acid (and taking the name Harpoon Crossbow). This new attack has a lower rate of fire, but is more powerful. The Flu Cannon's replacement (the Brine Cannon attack) now fires a gush of water that does no damage, but pushes opponents away from you. This has 100 ammo.


Urchin-Tipped HarpoonsEdit

Attaching sea urchins to the tips of Aqua Doc's harpoons increases the damage dealt.

Salted WoundsEdit

Water fired from the Brine Cannon deals damage to opponents with less than full health, but can't damage an opponent with full health. Use in conjunction with the Harpoon Crossbow.

Atmospheric AbsorberEdit

Absorbing moisture from the atmosphere decreases the Brine Cannon's reload time.

Variant QuotesEdit

  • "You appear to be leaking fear!" (When scoring a kill)
  • "Vait 30 minutes before swimming!" (When healing)
  • "You vill sleep with ze fish!" (When respawning)
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