Boom Run is a mode in Minion Warfare. In it, the Minions and Shockbots must find their respective explosive (the Bomb Jr. for the Minions and the Exploding Bot for the Shockbots) to destroy each others' Grex Statues or Bronzhilda Statues. These explosives are randomly wandering the environment, and they must be stunned by administering enough damage to them before they can be picked up. Both Minions and Shockbots have three statues. There is a time limit of 15 minutes. The first team to take out three statues wins. If time runs out and both teams have not gotten three statues destroyed, then the team with the most statues destroyed wins. If both teams are tied when the times runs out, it goes to overtime. In overtime, the first team to get a statue destroyed wins.


Springear can not use his own Bomb Jr.s to blow up enemy bases. Same with Footbot and his Exploding Bots.

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