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The Cannot is a playable Minion in Minion Warfare. As the all-around balanced unit, it's good for people who are new to Minion Warfare, or just like its playstyle. Its main weapon is the Cannot Shot, a weapon with 10 ammo that fires cannonballs that do fair damage at medium range. It is also able to fire a Mr. Missile, increase its attack power and speed with Turbo Charge, or turn into a Gatling Cannot which can fire 100 cannonballs continuously. Its Shockbot rival is the Footbot.


Basic AttacksEdit

  • Cannot Shot: Cannot fires up to 10 cannonballs continuously at mid-range before being forced to reload. Cannot's basic attacks.
  • Mr. Missile: Cannot becomes temporarily stationary, just long enough to fire a Mr. Missile in a straight line.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Turbo Charge: Enables the Cannot to accelerate and jump high. This can help with both defense and offense.
  • Gatling Cannot: Roots the Cannot down and has 100 ammunition to fire continuously against the Shockbots.



Power AmmoEdit

Increases the damage output of Cannot's cannonballs.

Double MagazineEdit

Increases the maximum ammunition of Cannot's Cannot Shot

Mega MissileEdit

Increases the blast radius of the Mr. Missile



  1. Green Beret
  2. Buffalo Hat
  3. Coconut Helmet
  4. Watermelon Helmet
  5. Hard Hat
  6. Tanks A Lot
  7. Toshiko Cap
  8. Fezzy Wezzy
  9. Plant Pot
  10. Egghead

Uniques (Treads)Edit

  1. Hover Treads
  2. Orange Treads
  3. Grassy Treads
  4. Spiked Treads
  5. Frozen Treads


  • When Spawning/Respawning:
    • "Indubitably."
    • "Take no prisoners!"
    • "Affirmative!"
  • When Low on Health:
    • "Cannot requesting backup!"
    • "Medic!"
    • "I am no cannon fodder!"
  • When Scoring a Kill:
    • "Ready, aim, fire!."
    • "Exterminate!"
    • *Hums Ride of the Valkyries *
    • "Pew pew pew!"'
  • When using Gatling Cannot:
    • "Going turbo!"
    • "Bringing out the big guns!"
    • "Take cover!"
  • When Playing as Caliente Cannot:
    • "Scorch it with fire!" (When scoring a kill)
    • "Fiiiiirrrrrreeee!" (Gatling Cannot)
    • "Burn, baby, burn!" (When respawning)
  • When Playing as Future Cannot:
    • "You weren't supposed to see that- yet." (Scoring a kill)
    • "Entering hyper speed!" (Gatling Cannot)
    • "I come in peace- not!" (When respawning)
  • When Playing as Circus Cannot:
    • "Not clowning around this time!" (When scoring a kill)
    • *Hums circus tune* (Gatling Cannot)
    • "Come one, come all!" (When respawning)


  • Cannot is much taller in this game than it is the rest of the series. This is to make Cannot closer in height to the other classes; a long neck was added to Cannot's body.
  • Cannot, in the rest of the series, is not actually capable of firing a Mr. Missile.
  • Cannot's Shockbot counterpart is the Footbot.
  • Cannot is the most generalized class and is designed to be easy to use for beginners.
  • Cannots in the Goop series are generally rooted to one place all the time. They have been made mobile to be an eligible character, and the immobile aspect of its character has been designated only to the Gatling Cannot, a new creation for the game.
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