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Chucky is a playable Minion in Minion Warfare. He is the marksman/sniper of the team. His main attack is the Acorn Shot, an acorn-firing slingshot. He is also able to bury Grendmines in the ground, set up protective barriers, or Zoom-In to pick off opponents from far awar. Its Shockbot rival is Zoom.


Basic AttacksEdit

  • Acorn Shot: The main ability of Chucky. It consists of a high damage single acorn launched at the target, but at a low rate of fire. This attack has 10 ammunition.
  • Grendmine: Chucky buries a Grendmine underneath the ground in front of him. This living mine explodes whenever Shockbot steps on or near it.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Barrier Summon: Chucky sets up a large wooden fence in front of him. This can be used to keep Shockbots at bay and it can also be used as protective covering.
  • Zoom-In: Chucky zooms into a first-person scope view, making it easier to pick opponents off from a long distance away.



Rubber AcornsEdit

Acorns from the Acorn Shot will now ricochet off of walls

Deep GrendmineEdit

Grendmines burrow farther down, making them harder to detect by enemies

Seed PacketEdit

Increases the ammunition capacity of Acorn Shot


As ChuckyEdit

Chucky should play far from normal combat, as it is very outclassed by the brawler or heavy classes in closer encounterments. Finding vantage points and camping there will allow a Chucky to snipe off his opponents with ease, sometimes catching opponents off-guard. Chucky should also be weary of nearby Docs, who may be able to teleport next to it and kill it instantly. Staying out of sight is suggested in that aspect.

With ChuckyEdit

When Chucky is placed strategically, it can provide helpful support to all nearby plants by wounding or killing nearby Shockbots. Keeping it protected is important too, as many of the Shockbots can easily take out Chucky if they manage to get near it.

Against ChuckyEdit

When up against a Chucky, it is important to keep behind cover. Making quick shots at the Chucky by randomly popping out of cover can confuse it, and allow the Shockbots to deal more damage to it than it can to them. Docs can teleport near them, allowing for an easy kill while the Chucky is attacking another Shockbot.



  1. Scope Hat
  2. Ghillie Hat
  3. Sir Stupid
  4. Lonestar
  5. Traitor's Crown
  6. Da Hood
  7. Aussie Hat
  8. Straw Hat
  9. Rocking Out
  10. High Flyer

Uniques (Tail Shape)Edit

  1. Zig-Zag Tail
  2. Straight Tail
  3. Hairless Tail
  4. Curled Tail
  5. Cottontail


  • Chucky's Shockbot counterpart is Zoom.
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