The Discobot is a boss Shockbot that can be fought in Smack Ops. It is the most common boss that the Minions will encounter.


The Discobot appears only in the boss waves appears when the Shockboss Slot Machine lands on a face of Discobot then the Discobot appears in the Wave. Before the Discobot Wave begins, a cutscene plays where a Discobot appears from the ceiling and starts dancing with four Discobot Minis behind it to a song called "Ain't Got Enough Of Your Diodes". When the scene ends, the battle with the Discobots begins.


The Discobot has three different attacks that he uses, which are as follows:

  • Dance Spin---Discobot begins to breakdance, spinning around rapidly to hit nearby Minions.
  • Discobot Mini---Discobot summons five Discobot Minis as bodyguards. If Discobot uses Dance Spin while his Discobot Minis are out, they will each begin to spin as well, spinning away from their master in a different direction.
  • Boogie Down---Discobot causes a series of bright colorful lights and disco music to begin playing. Any players that venture too close to Discobot will begin dancing uncontrollably for as long as they are in range.


For defeating a Discobot in Smack Ops, all teammates will receive the "High Fever" achievement.

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