The Exploding Bot is one of the Footbot's abilities in Minion Warfare. When deployed, it tosses out three explosive-strapped Shockbots which chase down the nearest Minion and explode, killing themselves and dealing considerably high damage to the target Minion. They will explode after an amount of time passes or if they are hit by an attack. Its Minion counterpart is the Bomb Jr.. They also play a prominent role in Boom Run.


Using BotEdit

Bot is best deployed near the beginning of a firefight to quickly take out a Minion, or can be deployed mid-fight to catch the target by surprise. It can also potentially wound multiple Minions at once if they are all clustered together, making Bots more ideal against tightly packed groups. Other than that, the Bot should be used similarly to a regular grenade, as it has many of the traits of one.

Against BotEdit

Bots should not be taken lightly, and care should be taken to avoid getting hit by an Bot. Shooting it while it is far away is a good idea, and a Bot is minimally effective against Chucky at range, as it will most likely be sniped before the Bot can get into lethal range. If all else fails, running the Bot out is a somewhat basic, yet useful utility, but it leaves the Minion vulnerable to Shockbots, especially the Footbot who deployed it in the first place.


  • The Exploding Bot highly resembles a Bomb Jr..
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