The Heal Stone is one of the Snerlin's abilities in Minion Warfare. It seves as a placeable source of healing for all Minions nearby its location, and heals at a ? rate.


Using Heal StoneEdit

The Heal Stone should be placed in relatively easy to access, practical areas for maximum effectiveness. If all Snerlins place their Heal Stones at regular intervals throughout the map, Minions may not have to go very far for some healing after killing a Shockbot. However, ensuring they are protected and not ambush points is something worth noting, as a stray Heal Stone can be an easy place for some Shockbots to ambush and kill unaware Minions while they are low in health. A simple method to deter unwanted Shockbot ambushes is to place some Grendmines nearby, allowing any nearby Shockbots to get damaged by the mines.

For Minions and Mechs, it is a good idea to have at least one Heal Stone placed near each objective, so there is healing available without much searching. They should be placed nearby enemy controlled objectives as well, but not directly on it, as more damage could be sustained going after the healing station than what can be obtained from using it.

Finally, the Snerlin can place it anywhere to provide instant healing to them and anyone nearby, making it a useful thing to place when low of health and no others are nearby.

Against Heal StoneEdit

Heal Stones , especially abandoned or unprotected ones, are very ideal locations to camp, as the flow of low-health Minions and the tendancy to seek out a Heal Stone makes it a common, and practical place for an ambush. Zooms can snipe them from afar, or using Jawtraps placed near the station.

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