In Minion Warfare, all characters have a certain amount of health present with them. This can vary between classes, but always stays in between a value of 100 to 200. When they first spawn, health is at 100% of the class's health, and when health reaches 0, the player is "Defeated", and may be revived.

Health per ClassEdit

Shockbot classes have more health than Minion classes, but Minion classes deal higher amounts of damage than Shockbot classes.

Class Health
Cannot/Footbot 125
Chucky/Zoom 100
Chomper/Mac 175
Clod/Sarge 200
Snerlin/Doc 100
Springear/Toolbot 125
King Grex/Bronzhilda 2,000

Gaining HealthEdit

Losing HealthEdit

  • Getting hit by enemy attacks.
  • Falling into a bottomless pit.


When health reaches 0 or less, the target is vanquished, meaning they are unable to attack on their own and can be considered dead. However, if an ally is nearby, the player can be revived by their ally, but doing so puts their ally at risk of being Defeated as well. After being in this revive-able state, the player can choose to respawn. Some attacks, namely Chomper's Chomp attack, render the player unable to be revived.

Defeat is the method of scoring in Minions and Mechs, where the player must vanquish an enemy player to score a point for their team. Being vanquished in Smack Ops and not being revived means that the player will respawn far from the Grex Statue.