Holy Snerlin is a variant of the Snerlin in Minion Warfare. It adds extra healing power to Snerlin's abilities. It is unlocked from the Game Shop for 800 Power Orbs.

Difference in AppearanceEdit

Holy Snerlin wears a white robe with a red cross on it, as well as a white hat with a red cross. His wand now has a red cross on the tip.

Special EffectsEdit

Holy Snerlin's Heal Beam ability can now heal teammates twice as fast. The Heal Stone ability also lasts for a longer period of time.


Big Heal StoneEdit

A new bigger Heal Stone has a larger radius of effect.

Revival SpellEdit

Holy Snerlin can revive down teammates instantly.

Healthy ArcEdit

Teammates that are being healed will transfer the Heal Beam to other nearby teammates.

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