Isotope Springear is a variant of the Springear in Minion Warfare. It adds poison/health-drain effects to Springear's arsenal. It is unlocked from the Game Shop for 800 Power Orbs.

Difference in AppearanceEdit

Isotope Springear wears a pair of white metallic goggles, and he also has glowing green, radioactive skin.

Special EffectsEdit

Isotope Springear throws a rod of radioactive plutonium instead of a Bomb Jr., which poisons opponents, lowering their stats and causing their health to slowly drain for four seconds. Isotope Springear also radiates a radioactive aura, sapping the health of all Shockbots in range.


Very ToxicEdit

Isotope Springear's toxic aura saps opponents' health at a faster rate.

Ultanium RodEdit

Isotope Springear throws a newly-discovered Ultanium Rod, which has a greater area-of-effect.

Deadly RodEdit

New rods cause opponents to lose health for six seconds rather than four.

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