Leader Mode is a mode in Minion Warfare. It functions almost exactly like Minions and Mechs, the main difference being that a seventh player for each team can play as King Grex or Bronzhilda for Team Minion or Team Shockbot respectively.

Role as a LeaderEdit

Leader Mode is all about resource management. The gameplay is very different from a normal player. The leader plays from a bird's eye view, floating high above the battlefield in either King Grex's Hoverthrone or Bronzhilda's Swivel-Chair 5000. The camera is a first-person bird's eye view of the landscape that can be freely controlled in whatever manner the player pleases. To obtain resource points (Magic Orbs for King Grex and Diodes for Bronzhilda), you must click on downed opponents, release said resource points upon dying. This must be done quickly, for if an opponent respawns or is revived before the leader can click on them, no resource points will be rewarded. Each downed teammates will release 25-50 resource points.

Health and DefeatEdit

Leaders are not invincible. Leaders start out with 2,000 health and can be brought down by enough enemy firepower. If a Leader is defeated, the Leader's vehicle will crash down to the battlefield, where they can be revived by their teammates. If they are not revived in time, they must wait 30 seconds before they can respawn.

Leader AbilitiesEdit

Each leader has three abilities, falling under the same categories:

King GrexEdit

In Leader Mode, a 7th player can play as King Grex, serving as the general of Team Minion. He has the following abilities:

  • Resurrecting: Second-Chance Spell---King Grex fires a spell at a downed teammate, instantly reviving them. (250 Magic Orbs)
  • Healing: Health Light---King Grex bathes a small area with a healing light, healing any teammate that steps inside it. (150 Magic Orbs)
  • Airstrike: Magic Rocket---Launch a devastating magical rocket at unsuspecting Shockbots below. (250 Magic Orbs)


In Leader Mode, a 7th player can play as Bronzhilda, serving as the general of Team Minion. She has the following abilities:

  • Resurrecting: Recharging Station---Bronzhilda drops a recharging station near downed teammates, instantly reviving them. (250 Diodes)
  • Healing: Repair Station---Bronzhilda drops a Repair Station that fires Doc's Repair Beam at any nearby teammates. (150 Diodes)
  • Airstrike: Bronzhilda Missile---Launch a devastating missile at unsuspecting Minions below. (250 Diodes)
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