Minion Summons are a special type of character and an ability used by all of the Minions. It is a unique ability that is only available to Team Minion. At certain spots called Minion Bases, which resemble metallic circles on the ground, any Minion player can summon a stationary Minion that will attack any Shockbot in range. These Minions can be killed by the Shockbots, and can be healed by Snerlin.

List of Minion SummonsEdit

  • Bomb Sr.: When a Shockbot is within range, Bomb Sr. will create a medium-sized explosion around itself. Afterwards, it takes 25 seconds to recharge, leaving it vulnerable.
  • Gatling Cannot: Gatling Cannot focuses on one opponent and fires a stream of rapid-fire cannonballs.
  • Ghostie: Ghostie uses his long tongue to lick Shockbots at close-range. This stuns them for a period of three seconds.
  • Gooptar-Eating Plant: The Gooptar-Eating Plant uses its tongue to reel in opponents before chewing on them a bit. The GEP then spits them out.
  • Jailbird: Jailbird, upon detecting a Shockbot in range, raises into the air, floats above the opponent, and crushes them into bolts!
  • Petunia: Petunia will periodically release a cloud of seeds around herself that heals any Minion nearby.
  • Pump-Kog: Pump-Kog will stand perfectly still, building up pressure in its spring. The Pump-Kog serves as a trampoline that allows any Minion player to bounce off them to higher locations.
  • Pyrolop: The Pyrolop unleashes a fiery breath, which does additional damage over time. It has a decent range and lets loose a constant stream of fire.
  • Turret Tim: Turret Tim rises out of the ground and proceeds to fire Mr. Missiles at Shockbots that get within its range. These missiles are more powerful than those of the Cannot, but are stationary. Turret Tim takes 10 seconds to reload, making it very vulnerable between missiles.

Minion Summon GalleryEdit

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