Minions and Mechs is a mode in Minion Warfare where the Minion and Shockbot factions battle each other for battlefield supremacy. The two factions can have up to 12 players each, creating a total of 24 players possible in one game of Minions and Mechs.


  • Every defeat scores one point for the player's team.
  • Every revive removes a point from the opponent's team.
  • 50 points are required to win, although the game creator can set this number specifically.


Minions and Mechs is based upon the aspect of two teams battling out to control the battlefield. Teamwork is not advised in this mode; it's almost required. Considering how it's easy to get vanquished while alone, the player should avoid straying too far from a group, especially one with a healer. Some classes are more ideal for being alone than others, such as the Chomper, but they are easier to vanquish by the enemy team.


  • Don't be cannon fodder! If you have a hard time avoiding getting vanquished, try another class or approach. Staying near a group of allies helps avoid being vanquished, and allows you to have some support should a group of the enemy approach.
  • Strength in Numbers. Teaming up with one or two allies will allow you to be more powerful than without them. Should one person be a healer, the whole group benefits from healing in between skirmishes.
  • Pick the ideal class. If you prefer not to have allies, using the Chomper or Mac would be a smart call. If you don't like battling, using a more supportive class is suggested.
  • Surprise! Attacking enemies first provides a strategic advantage, and can allow any class to take down any enemy. Camping allows you to keep an area effectively enemy-free, assuming they never expect you.
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Team Minion
Cannot (Infantry) - Chucky (Sniper) - Chomper (Brawler) - Clod (Heavy) - Snerlin (Healer) - Springear (Engineer)
Team Shockbot
Footbot (Infantry) - Zoom (Sniper) - Mac (Brawler) - Sarge (Heavy) - Doc (Healer) - Toolbot (Engineer)
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Castle Grex - Enviro-Dome - Ghastly Glacier - Grexland - Minionville - Scallywag Shore
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Arabian Fights - Boo Boneyard - Crystal Mines - Grimes Square - Ramshackle Flats - Toxic Tangle
Boom Run - Capture the Opal - Leader Mode - Minions and Mechs - Retaliation - Smack Ops
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