Power Doc is a variant of the Doc in Minion Warfare. It adds a charging effect to Doc's arsenal. It is unlocked from the Game Shop for 500 Power Orbs.

Difference in AppearanceEdit

Power Doc's white hair is now glowing green. Power Doc now wears a hazmat suit without the helmet.

Special EffectsEdit

Power Doc's Acid Gun attack can now be charged. When fired while fully charged, it fires an Acid Bomb that explodes on a timer.


Toxic TimerEdit

The Acid Gun takes a shorter amount of time to fully charge.

New Ultrachloric AcidEdit

New Ultrachloric (TM) brand Acid is twice as strong as the leading brand, increasing damage output.

Compressed Acidic PacksEdit

Compressing the Acidic Packs into smaller sizes allows for greater ammo capacity.

Variant QuotesEdit

  • "Did zat hurt? Good!" (When scoring a kill)
  • "Gesundheit!" (When healing)
  • "I've got ze power!" (When respawning)
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