Power Orbs are glowing balls of energy that serve as the currency of Minion Warfare. They can be earned by winning games of Minions and Mechs, Smack Ops, Retaliation, Boom Run, or Capture the Opal. Players can also earn extra Power Orbs by completing special objectives in the Smack Ops or Retaliation modes. Power Orbs are used in the Game Shop to purchase hats, uniques, maps, and variants.

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Team Minion
Cannot (Infantry) - Chucky (Sniper) - Chomper (Brawler) - Clod (Heavy) - Snerlin (Healer) - Springear (Engineer)
Team Shockbot
Footbot (Infantry) - Zoom (Sniper) - Mac (Brawler) - Sarge (Heavy) - Doc (Healer) - Toolbot (Engineer)
Default Maps
Castle Grex - Enviro-Dome - Ghastly Glacier - Grexland - Minionville - Scallywag Shore
Unlockable Maps
Arabian Fights - Boo Boneyard - Crystal Mines - Grimes Square - Ramshackle Flats - Toxic Tangle
Boom Run - Capture the Opal - Leader Mode - Minions and Mechs - Retaliation - Smack Ops
Other Modes
Game Shop