The Robowocky is a boss Shockbot that can be fought in Smack Ops. It is one of the most powerful bosses that the Minions will encounter.


The Robowocky appears only in the boss waves appears when the Shockboss Slot Machine lands on a face of Robowocky, then the Robowocky appears in the Wave. Before the Robowocky Wave begins, a cutscene plays where Robowocky bursts out of the ground and smashes a Shockbot dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland with its claws. When the scene ends, the battle with the Robowocky begins. Robowocky is unique due to its power of flight.


The Robowocky has three different attacks that he uses, which are as follows:

  • Claw Smash---Robowocky smashes the ground with its right claw.
  • Spark Breath---Robowocky breathes a stream of electricity out of its mouth.
  • Spark Bomb---When flying, Robowocky bombs the field with several electric bombs that stun nearby Minions via electric shockwaves.


For defeating a Robowocky in Smack Ops, all teammates will receive the "Vorpal Sword" achievement.

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