The Shinobot is a boss Shockbot that can be fought in Smack Ops. It is one of the less common bosses that the Minions will encounter.


The Shinobot appears only in the boss waves appears when the Shockboss Slot Machine lands on a face of Shinobot then the Shinobot appears in the Wave. Before the Shinobot Wave begins, a cutscene plays where a Shinobot appears out of a cloud of smoke and slices a watermelon in half. When the scene ends, the battle with the Shinobot begins.


The Shinobot has three different attacks that he uses, which are as follows:

  • Sword Dash---Shinobot dashes forward at lightning speed before slashing with his sword.
  • Summoning Stance---Shinobot summons a random Shockbot (including base Shockbot Classes and basic AI Shockbots)
  • Invisibility---Shinobot temporarily activates a cloaking device that renders him invisible. In this state, he is almost completely transparent, only visible via a faint outline. He is able to stay like this for 10 seconds.


For defeating a Shinobot in Smack Ops, all teammates will receive the "Disgraceful" achievement.

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