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The Snerlin is a playable Minion in Minion Warfare. His main weapon is the Magic Blast, an attack with 10 ammo that fires blasts of magic that do fair damage at medium range. He is also able to fire a magical beam attack, heal teammates with Heal Beam, or drop a Heal Stone that generates Health. This makes it more important of a class than some others, as it should be noted there are few other ways to heal. Its Shockbot rival is the Doc.


Basic AttacksEdit

  • Magic Blast: This is the Snerlin's main attack. It shoots out a quick, small, beam that can be fired many times to take down Shockbots. It has an ammo of 50.
  • Magic Beam: One of the Snerlin's special abilities, the Magic Beam immobilizes Snerlin and shoots a powerful magic laser, which does more damage than the Magic Blast.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Heal Beam: Snerlin fires a beam that heals any Minion nearby.
  • Heal Stone: When using this special ability, the Snerlin sets down an enchanted Heal Stone that can heal any Minion near it.



Wizard DoctorEdit

The Heal Beam ability can heal multiple Minions at one time.

Enchanted WandEdit

Decreases the Magic Blast reload time

Beam ExtensionEdit

Allows the Magic Beam to be fired for a longer period of time


As SnerlinEdit

Snerlins are generally best used as a support class. When teaming up, Snerlins should be distributed somewhat equally, with at least one Snerlin in every group. When healing allies, Snerlin should try to prioritize the Minions more in need of healing than others, but should also take into consideration how much damage possibly inflicted those in need of healing. Clods are better to heal than Chompers, and Chuckies are better to heal than Cannots.

With SnerlinEdit

The Snerlin is perhaps among the weaker of the regular Minions, so backing it up when a firefight breaks out is generally a must. A Chomper can serve as a distraction to Shockbots, allowing the Snerlin to heal others, or get in battle and assist the Chomper.

Against SnerlinEdit

When ambushing an enemy, Snerlins are possibly one of the first targets because of the power they have to heal their allies. Removing them immediately is suggested, but keeping them around and focusing on the more troublesome Chompers or Chuckies also works.



  1. American Soldier in Traffic
  2. Jingle Kringle
  3. Lawn Buddy
  4. Dunce
  5. Cooking Up Trouble
  6. Jack Hat
  7. Lowly Joker
  8. The Funky Minion
  9. Star Wizard
  10. Holiday Tree

Uniques (Glasses)Edit

  1. Goggles
  2. Future Visor
  3. Heart Glasses
  4. Monocool
  5. Star Glasses


  • Snerlin's Shockbot counterpart is the Doc.
  • Snerlin, in the rest of the series, lacks the red health cross on the band of his hat.
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