Sonic Clod is a variant of the Clod in Minion Warfare. It adds wind and sound-based effects to Clod's arsenal, greatly changing his offensive game. It is unlocked from the Game Shop for 800 Power Orbs.

Difference in AppearanceEdit

Sonic Clod is made of dark-colored rocks with glowing purple veins. He now sports a green punk Mohawk and a black heavy metal skull T-Shirt. Clod also now wields a large Coalgun-shaped boombox speaker.

Special EffectsEdit

Sonic Clod's Airgun attack fires a large blast of sound at a lower rate of fire (similar to a shotgun) that launches opponents backwards and stuns them momentarily, slowing them down. It also now has an ammo capacity of 10.


Max DecibelsEdit

The power of Airgun is increased.

Clod's Greatest HitsEdit

Airgun ammo capacity increases from 10 to 15.

Crowd CannonEdit

Opponents launched by the Airgun deal damage to any opponents they hit.

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