Toxic Sarge is a variant of the Sarge in Minion Warfare. It adds poison effects to Sarge's arsenal. It is unlocked from the Game Shop for 500 Power Orbs.

Difference in AppearanceEdit

Toxic Sarge appears to be made of glowing green metal with a large tank of poison strapped to his back.

Special EffectsEdit

Toxic Sarge's Chaingun attack poisons opponents for three seconds. The Airstrike ability also calls in a poison cloud bomb instead of a missile, creating a large poisonous cloud. Toxic Sarge also radiates a toxic aura, similar to Isotope Springear.


Extra Poisonous PoisonEdit

Toxic Sarge's primary attack poisons opponents for five seconds instead of three.

Yummy AntifreezeEdit

Delicious antifreeze solutions help reduce cooldown time.

Atomic WarfareEdit

The new S-Bomb developed by Doc has a greater area-of-effect of the Airstrike ability.

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